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Starlight Hat Free Pattern

Posted by Savannah Bonnette on
Starlight Hat Free Pattern

This is a great unisex hat that is perfect for chilly days! It can also make a great gift for any girl or guy in your life. 


One size

Circumference: 20”



Sassy Skein Key West Karibbean Kotton – Worsted Weight

Color A: 234 Dolphin Grey (3 Skeins)

Color B: 233 Navy Pier (3 Skeins)

Circular Needle Size 7 x 16”

Tapestry needle



24 Stitches and 28 Rows = 4”

To save time, check your gauge!



This hat is knit in the round.

Ribbing: In Color A, Cast on 112 stitches. Work in K1, P1 ribbing for the first 6 rounds.

For round 7: *K 28 increase 1 stitch, repeat for * (you will be adding 4 stitches in total).


Round 8-11: In Color A, *K1, Color B K1, repeat from * across entire round.

Round 12-15: In Color B, *K1, Color A K1, repeat from * across entire round.


Repeat rounds 8-15 until piece measures 9.5”



Round 1: Still in Color A, *K2 together stitch as you work around

Round 2: Knit*

Round 3-4: repeat from *

Bind off remaining stitches and weave together tightly.


To finish, make a pom-pom with the remainder of your colors. Wind the strands of yarn all together around a 5” piece of cardboard several times. (The more winds, the fuller the pom-pom).

Slide yarn off the cardboard and tie around the middle tightly with a strand of yarn. Cut end loops. Attach to hat with the yarn tail left at the top of hat. Secure tightly. Trim pom-pom ends as needed. Weave in yarn ends to wrong side of hat. Clip any strands close.


Please contact us with any comments or questions! Happy Knitting!

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