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Yarn Tassel Garland Project

Posted by Savannah Bonnette on
Yarn Tassel Garland Project

Here's a super fun, simple DIY project that you can do in an afternoon with any extra yarn you have lying around. I used our Banana (112), Papaya (111), and Sky Blue (225) in the worsted weight. 

To make your tassels, I found it easiest to use my hardcover notebook since it has a lip on the edge to make tying off the yarn easier. I wrapped the yarn around my notebook 30 times - the more you wrap the yarn around the fuller your tassels will be. Once the yarn is wrapped around, take a strand of yarn around 4-5" and slip it through the middle of the wrapped yarn at the edge of the notebook. Tie the strand tight and slip off the bundle of yarn. 

Once tied (don't cut these hanging strings off the top!), cut the bundle in half so every strand is loose. Then wrap yarn as many times as you want around the bundle about 0.5" from the top to form the tassel, as shown below:


Repeat the process to create as many tassels as you want! To make the garland, use a long piece of yarn, twine, etc., and use the hanging strings at the top to begin tying the tassels on one at a time. I triple-knotted mine around a piece of twine and then used clear nail polish over the knot to ensure it wouldn't come undone. 


You can keep tying on tassels to create a longer garland, and get as creative as you want experimenting with different length or colored tassels!



This was such a fun, easy project that I made a second one in green and plan on making more! 


Please contact us with any comments or questions! Happy Knitting!

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