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Hanging Yarn Tapestry Project

Posted by Savannah Bonnette on
Hanging Yarn Tapestry Project

I've been seeing this trend of using yarn to create your own wall hanging making its rounds on Pinterest and Instagram, so I thought I'd try my hand at it. There are hundreds of different ways to arrange your yarns' colors and textures to create different looks, so this is a great chance to really let your crafty side run loose. For this project, you will need different kinds of yarn and a wooden dowel or stick. 

I'm a big fan of symmetry, so I made my wall hanging symmetrical starting with longer pieces in the middle and gradually working out to shorter strands on the sides to make a triangular shape. I used a mix of different brands of yarn to bring in different textures along with our Key West Karibbean Kotton for the perfect color palette. 

I  started with our Navy Pier color for the very center of the piece. The length to which you cut the strands depends on how long you'd like the overall hanging to be. For mine, I plan to hang it above my bed, so I cut my initial longest strands at around 72" since the strands will be folded in half and looped around the dowel. 

I cut six 72" strands of Navy Pier, and then folded them in half, looped them around the dowel, and pulled the strands through the loop to create a knot like the ones shown below. I then cut three strands of the chunky mixed blue yarn a little bit shorter, folded them in half, and looped them around the dowel as before. To keep the symmetry, with each color I added, I matched it on the other side.

With every color change, I cut the strands a bit shorter than the previous in order to create that triangular look. As you can see, there's no correct way to do this. Just continue adding on yarn strands to complete your desired look. You can also knot or braid the yarn, or even add in beads, to add some spice to your wall hanging.

Here's my finished wall hanging!

If you give this project a go, we'd love to see your finished creations - email us, post on our Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #thesassyskein!


Please contact us with any comments or questions! Happy Knitting!

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