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Large Beach Bag Free Pattern

Posted by Savannah Bonnette on
Large Beach Bag Free Pattern

Make the perfect beach bag with this pattern! Our colorful Key West Karibbean Kotton yarn is a perfect match because it's completely machine washable for those inevitable messy beach days. 

 One Size

Length: 18”, Width: 28”



The Sassy Skein's Key West Karibbean Kotton - Worsted Weight

Color A: 209 Marina Blue (4 Skeins)

Color B: 203 Strawberry Daiquiri (5 Skeins)

Color C: 202 Coconut (5 Skeins)

Size 7x24 Needle

Size 6x 24 needle

Tapestry Needle



24 Stitches and 32 Rows = 4”

To save time, check your gauge!


Bag Base:

With the 7x24 needle, cast on 34 stitches in Color A and work in garter stitches until piece measures 11", and then bind off.


Bag Body:

With the size 6x24 needle, pick up 295 stitches. Work in stockinette stitches for 6 rounds. For a cleaner striped look, knit jogless stripes. Next in Color C work 6 rounds in stockinette stitches.

Continue this pattern of 6 rounds of Color B and 6 rounds of Color C in stockinette stitches until there are 20 stripes (10 of Color B and 10 of Color C).


Top Band:

Round 1: In Color A, Knit Round

Round 2: *K2 together, k1 repeat from *

Round 3: Purl Round

Round 4: *K2 together, K2 repeat from *

Round 5: Purl Round

Round 6: Knit Round

Round 7: Purl Round

Round 8: Knit Round

Round 9: Purl Round

Round 10: Knit Round

Round 11: Bind off



Fold bag top in half, mark with a pin on each side 2 inches from each end for strap placement. At the pin, pick up 14 stitches in Color A, work in garter stitch until piece measures 14”. Repeat this the other three straps.


To finish straps, tie two straps together in a nice tight knot, repeat for the second strap. Weave in all loose yarn tails. Enjoy your fun BIG Beach Bag! You’ll be able to carry everything you need for the beach minus the chair! 


Please contact us for yarn inquires, comments, or questions!

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