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Easy Eye Mask Free Pattern

Posted by Savannah Bonnette on
Easy Eye Mask Free Pattern

Travelers who want a fun and simple project for their plane or car ride this is for you! This eye mask is the perfect one skein project to take with you on your travels and then use for a better night's sleep!  

One Size

Length: 8", Width: 4"



Key West Karibbean Kotton - Worsted Weight:

221 Periwinkle (1 skein)

1 yard thick satin ribbon

Size 6 needle

Tapestry needle

Sewing kit



In the Periwinkle, cast on 44 stitches. Double Seed Stitch:

Row 1: K1, P1 *

Row 2: P1, k1*

Row 3: repeat row 2

Row 4: repeat row 1

Work in this pattern until the piece measures 7.5", and bind off.


Crochet Edging:

Fold the piece vertically in half. Instead of sewing the sides seams up you will be crocheting the edges together. Using a picot crochet edging, start crocheting at the edge that still has the yarn tail. Crochet around the entire piece and then weave in any loose ends.


To make the eye mask have a ridge for your nose. Weave a strand of Periwinkle up the center of the eye mask (make sure to only weave through one side of the eye mask) and cinch the two ends together. Weave in the loose ends into your work.




Sew a piece of the ribbon to each side of the eye mask, so that it can be tied in the back.


Now you're finished and ready for your nap!



Please contact us with any comments or questions! Happy Knitting!

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