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Christmas Wreath Bow Free Pattern

Posted by Maré Bonnette on
Christmas Wreath Bow Free Pattern

One size

Finished measurements:

Length: 8”

Width:  6”


Sassy Skein Key West Karibbean Kotton – Worsted Weight:

Color A: 203 Strawberry Daiquiri

Knitting needle size 4

Large eyed Tapestry Needle

24 Gauge wire 3 yards


22 Stitches and 36 Rows = 4”



This project is knit on small needles as well as double stranded, this is to make the bow very structured and tight.  Pull a strand from the center of the skein and on the outside of the skein.

CO 16 stitches.

Row 1-6: Knit ( this will create a garter stitch)

Row 7: Knit row

Row 8: Knit 3, Purl 9, Knit 3

Repeat Rows 7&8 until piece measures 8 inches then repeat Rows 1-6 and BO.

Bow Center:

CO 6 sts work in seed sts till piece measures 3.5’ and BO.

Ribbon Strands: Make 2

These two pieces are knit single stranded.

CO 10 sts.

Row 1-6: Knit rows

Row 7: Knit row

Row 8: K3, Purl 4, P3

Repeat rows 7 & 8 till piece measures 5” and BO.


Weave in all loose tails into the wrong side of the work. Thread the wire through the large eyed tapestry needle and begin running it along all edges of the bow. Clip ends of the wire, twist the ends together and lay flat against wrong side of work to secure wire into the bow.  Repeat this for both Ribbon strands as well.

Fold the bow in half vertically to find the perfect center and pinch, wrap the little piece of seed stitch around the center and secure.  This should make your work look like a big bow tie. Next, place both ribbon strands onto the back side of the bow (Ribbon strand RS touching the Bows WS) and secure pieces. Hint do not secure ribbon pieces straight they should be on a diagonal to give the illusion it was actually tied.

Take three strands of yarn put a knot at the top and braid the piece till it measures 2 “ and knot. Create a loop and secure it to the back of the bow. This will allow you to hang it on a nail or a wreath.

If you would like to add bells, string the bells and then just secure then to the back to the bow.


Happy Knitting!

©All rights property of The Sassy Skein 12/15

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